Journey to 31

Once you realize that there is no limit to the things you can accomplish, you become freaking unstoppable! Never would I have imagined that at age 35 I would come to love the sport of distance running… why you ask? Let’s just say PE was not my favorite class! The only sport I participated in was cheerleading. So, on this journey to 31 miles, the most valuable lesson I learned was what the term commitment really means. The term commitment means to be dedicated to a cause… sounds simple right? Oh boy that simple definition is so complex! It is quite easy to be committed to something when it’s easy or when it come natural to you. But when you hit a rough spot, or when you look around and find yourself having to be committed by yourself when others aren’t—that’s when things can get rough. My training started 4 months prior to my run and at the beginning of the week I would look at my running plan and look at what my family life. My runs were than scheduled around my family time which meant I had to run early. These were the what seemed to me the longest four months of my life and there were times that I wanted to quit the plan…but I didn’t give up! I can remember getting up as early as 3:45 on a Saturday just to get in a long run. I also remember running in the rain, running late at night, running with friends and running solo. I ran when I felt like it and when I didn’t feel like it, I ran in the south Georgia heat and humidity. I was laser focused on this goal and nothing was going to stop me from completing this journey to 31. It was all of that experience and the total commitment that got me across that finish line to 31 miles. I am so grateful for this experience because I learned that if I would apply this same commitment to other areas of my life, I could really become the person that God created me to be! Finally, the big day was here! August 24, 2019

The day that I have been looking forward to! The weather was nice, over cast and I was feeling good, but just a bit nervous. I decided to run the race without my running app or Apple Watch. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking the race was through a bike trail. Halfway through the race I was feeling good, smiling and still happy about running. But at about 19 miles in I was struggling, I was out of water and a couple of miles out from the next water station I was really struggling and at the point I was doing the run/ walk method. I even attempted to listen to  a podcast and music to get my mind off of how I was feeling, but that did not work, by this point I had been running solo for hours. I knew that if I was going to finish this race I had been get my mind back fast and something  happened when I cane to that realization. I totally surrender to God and his strength to finish this race.  I turned off my worship music and my lips just being to worship and praise the Lord. It’s was in my time of struggle that I just begin to focus on God, his goodness and the beautiful scenery. I made it through that rough patch and even caught up with another runner who was really struggling and limbing with 7 more miles left, I said a prayer for him as I passed him. Feeling pretty good I caught with another runner and by than I was having some serious right foot pain and walking only, she told me her watch said we had 4 miles left. She was moving a little faster than me but she would not let me stop moving she encouraged me to finish those last 4 miles!!!! Once I crossed the finish line was I so excited that this run was done and thankfully for Michelle!! Don’t ever put limits on your goals and dreams!!! I am an ultra runner at 35, never would have imagine that I would enjoy distance running. So the big question??? Will I do it again… you bet matter of fact I will be doing it again come January!!!


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