Self care

Have you ever been to the point where you were exhausted mentally and physically? At some point in our lives we have all been there just drained spiritually and mentally. When I reflect on my life, I realized that one of the constant things I was lacking is self-care. For me, I really did not realize the importance of self-care until after my second child. The word self-care may sound a little selfish to some, however self-care is absolutely necessary. Self-care is defined as the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health. My belief is that in order for me to take care of others I must first practice some self-care activities focusing on spiritual, physical, emotional and mental stability. I realized that making sure my needs are met makes me more equipped to support others. For example, if I’m worn down physically and emotionally, how can I comfort my sister in the same place? So I encourage each of you reading this blog to come up with some self-care activities for next week and incorporate them into your lifestyle, I guarantee you it will change you. 

My favorite self-care activities include:

1. Reading devotionals

2. Exercising 

3. Journaling 

4.Going to the spa


“Allow yourself to enjoy each happy moment in your life.”

– Steve Maraboli

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”

– Jean Shinoda Bolen


3 thoughts on “Self care

  1. Love this! I totally agree, is vital especially as a Mom. It isn’t selfish it is necessary! I love your list that works for you, I incorporated some of those habits as well. Great post!


    1. Thank you❤️ Let me tell you girl we are so busy taking care of EVERYBODY else until some time we neglect our self care. We play many roles.. wife, mom, coworker, sister, friend, school mom… and more. It took me gaining 50 pounds and being unhealthy in every way.. physically, mentally, spiritually.. it was really how I got my life back and discovering a whole new Reomona!!! I’m so glad that you have incorporated some self care habits… keep it up and don’t be afraid to try new things… Girl I took swimming lessons at 35😊 and loved it!!! You deserve it, you deserve some self care time to be the best version of yourself ❤️

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