Ready set Go!!

So you made a new goal or you decided to pick that goal back up from the beginning of the year. So how do you get started?? Let me help you out with a few tips I used when accomplishing some of my goals. I remember adding more goals to my vision board and one of them was to run a Marathon. The first tip is to have a clear vision of what it is you would like to accomplish. Vision is defined as the ability to see. Therefore, visualize what you might ask. Visualize your goals and visualize yourself doing the very thing you listed as your goal whether it is weight lost or financial. You have to see yourself being 20 pounds lighter, you have to see yourself being debt free. I had to see myself running in that marathon. Secondly, you have to believe that you can do it. I like the quote by Muhammad Ali, “If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.” I can remember I was getting ready to run a 5k and the night before I told three people that I was going to hit a PR (personal record). I went to sleep that night feeling good and confident. The next morning it was cold. I got to the race site, warmed up and started the race. During the race I felt really good, I felt like I could really accomplish what I had told my three friends and as result of my belief, I obtained a new PR…You HAVE to believe, if you don’t who will? ❤️The final tip is to do the work!!! For me that meant finding a running plan and following it!! So once a week I would sit down and look at all of my obligations for the week then look at my training plan. During my training for this marathon, I ran at 4:45am, after work, and the weekends. Sometimes I felt like all I was doing was running. I can remember on one of my 20 mile runs I was at the track on a Saturday at 4:00am.😩To be honest it was a struggle to juggle all of my other task and train. I had all kinds of obstacles thrown my way, but that’s life. I was committed to my goal and you should be as well. However, you will have set backs, obstacles, roadblocks and detours but if you have a vision, and you believe and you do the work you can do ANYTHING!❤️


2 thoughts on “Ready set Go!!

  1. Very encouraging, hope to began my new beginnings soon .I am very down about everything pertaining to my health


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