On December 2, 2018, my life was turned upside down. I was riding in the ambulance with my son headed to Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Unexpectedly, we ended up staying two weeks. I was an emotional wreck. The first couple of days, I watched as my son was in severe pain and sleep was not an option, especially during the night. Sleep deprived and emotionally stressed, I found myself in deep thought, wondering to myself how could this happen to my son and why is this happening to my son? From that night, I realized I must trust totally on the Lord. In the midst of my storm, I decided that each day would be different from here on out…I would have a different perspective. So I took my pain and lack of understanding to the throne of glory. For I knew there was something bigger going on in my life. God shaped my heart to understand His perspective for my life. I got up the next morning, opened up the Bible app and started reading Psalms 23. I recall a dry erase board in the room over the sink. I stood on the counter writing out the entire scripture. Each day I stood reading this scripture. A few days later, I changed the scripture to Isaiah 53:5…I remember having an entire discussion about this verse with one of the night shift employees. Eventually, my son ended up having two procedures and one surgery. After the surgery, he needed physical therapy to help with walking because he had just spent a entire week in bed unable to walk due to excruciating pain. The following day, we started physical therapy. We went from the bed to the chair and eventually he was using the walker to get to the door. When we finally left the hospital, I remember looking at the board where I left that scripture. My son returned home with a Picc line and could not return to school. We continued physical therapy for a few weeks. Long story short, he finally had the PICC line removed, returned to school and started back walking after two months of physical therapy. Prior to this incident, I had signed up for a marathon. As my son was getting well, I was in the process of finding a training plan for my first marathon. I found an eight week plan and followed it to the T, only missing one run. While my son was doing therapy, I ran every chance I got…I ran in the mornings and on the weekends. I did not have a goal time for this marathon…I just wanted to finish and feel good after completing 26.1 miles. So as the big day approached, I was excited and nervous. However, I had the support of my family who made the trip to Albany with me❤️ while some of my running buddies ran the half marathon. Near the end of the finished line I saw my son running towards me and was reminded of the miracle that had just taken place in his life❤️ So the miracle was not that I had completed the marathon, but it was seeing my son running towards me…something he had not been able to do since the beginning of this year!!! Nonetheless, I encourage you…Don’t ever give up on your goals even in the midst of adversity…Keep pushing and keep moving forward towards your goals!


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  1. Mona I am so grateful to you for sharing this testimony! God knew this is what I needed to read! Continued blessings to you and your family and know that you are truly touching lives 💕 God bless!! Love you 🥰


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