Don’t Let Spring “Break” the Bank

By Megan Carter

Ahhhh Spring Break! A time when kids are out of school, and in your face asking, “What are we going to do?” It can be challenging to keep your kids entertained while staying within your family budget. Especially if that budget is a tight one. I know, I know, it’s the age of social media, and everything is a contest to see who has the most lavish birthday parties, and most exciting family trips. Don’t fall into that trap! You can have a perfectly great Spring Break by doing things that are all within a 200-mile radius of Valdosta. And the best part—it’s CHEAP! Here are some things you can do this year to make sure you don’t Spring “Break” the bank!

Flint Riverquarium Can’t make it to the Atlanta aquarium? Can’t afford it? That’s fine! The Flint Riverquarium in Albany, Georgia is a cost conscious activity that your kids will enjoy. The price of an adult ticket is $9.00, and kids are only $6.50. Children 3 and under are free. The children can enjoy seeing many river creatures and vegetation, and will have a great time!

Chehaw State Park Also in Albany, Georgia, Chehaw State Park is a great place to take a Spring Break trip! It features 700 acres of conservation land and a zoo that includes everything from alligators to zebras.  Cost of admission is $12.30 for adults and $7.30 for children ages 4-12 which includes admission to the park and the zoo.

Jacksonville Beach If you can afford a tank of gas, you can afford a day trip to the beach! If your budget is really tight, eat breakfast at home, pack snacks and lunches for the kids, and hit the road! Children LOVE a day at the beach!

Providence Canyon State Park You probably haven’t even heard of this state park, but it is amazing!  Located in Lumpkin, Georgia, this park is nicknamed “Little Grand Canyon.” The park features scenes comparable to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. There are 10 miles of trail to hike, campsites, a museum, and a picnic area where you can enjoy a packed lunch! The best part? Admission is 5 bucks!

Wild Adventures Theme Park The priciest trip on this list, but Wild Adventures has so much to offer! Have passes to the park? Put them to use! If not, a two-day pass is $49.99 for adults, and $44.99 for children. Got kids under 5? Great! They get in for free! Not only can the kids ride the rides unlimited times, there are great restaurants around the park as well. Also, Wild Adventures brings the beach to you. Splash Island located within the park features water rides, a wave pool, and slides that are sure to keep your bunch entertained.

Don’t let Spring Break stress you out! There are plenty of things you can do to entertain your children,

while sticking to your budget. It’s really a win/win. The kids get their trips, the family gets their

memories, and yes—you get your cool pictures to post on social media!

Have a happy Spring Break!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Spring “Break” the Bank

  1. I never heard of Providence Canyon State Park! This sounds really exciting. Thanks for sharing and providing the information of the price admission for each destination. Love the title of this article as well.


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